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Water Efficiency


In order to ensure the ultimate in water efficiency, many steps were taken to reduce water consumption. For example, we incorporated drought tolerant native landscaping with 50% water reductions. Additionally, we decreased demand for potable water supplies by collecting HVAC condensate to operate toilets, having no potable water use and low-volume toilets. This alone was a self-explanatory category worth 5 LEED® points.

  • »Reduce water consumption; for example, incorporated drought tolerant native landscaping, 50% water reductions
  • »Decrease demand for potable water supplies; for example, collected site runoff in 35,000 gallon tank for site irrigation, no potable water use
  • »Self-explanatory category worth 5 LEED® points; for example, collected HVAC condensate to operate toilets, no potable water use, low-volume toilets



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